Underwriting support of public radio results from the desire to be affiliated with the high standards of WCQS and NPR, but businesses also recognize the great marketing opportunity. Our station delivers a core 35-54 influential demographic. In short, it is the most affluent, best educated, and most active audience available. Businesses use underwriting or sponsorships to drive listeners to events, showcase a new product, brand their services, or to build credibility in the community. Ask your Corporate Underwriting Representative about Pick Ten, the introductory offer that allows you to choose 10 of your favorite programs for a special introductory rate of $400. View a current list of WCQS underwriters.

Advantages of Underwriting

  • Total audience. More than 90,000 listeners tune in each week, the second largest audience in the market of all public and commercial radio stations.
  • Target clientele. WCQS is the top station among college graduates and households making $75,000 or more. The median household income is $92,400.
  • Minimum clutter. With just two underwriters each break, your message receives listeners' attention free of jingles and spokespeople.
  • Lengthy listening. Our listeners tune in an average of 9.5 hours per week, 58% longer than other stations in the region.
  • Halo effect. Underwriting enhances image and projects quality, credibility and stability leading listeners to learn more about and do business with our underwriters.

Please contact WCQS' Underwriting Department at 828-210-4816 or underwriting@wcqs.org to obtain a current media kit with program information, listener profiles, demographics, and rates.

Underwriting Guidelines

In the world of public radio, we use a little different jargon than the commercial radio industry. We refer to announcements aired live on our stations, which identify a particular funder and a value-neutral description of their business, as underwriting. The Federal Communications Commission has articulated specific guidelines emphasizing the difference between these permissible donor and underwriter announcements and commercial advertising.

Public Radio can:

  • Establish your organization’s name and location
  • Describe your main products or services
  • Include a telephone number or website
  • Mention a well established, recognizable corporate slogan in use for at least six months and meets FCC guidelines
  • Make value-neutral statements about your product or service
  • Broadcast how long you have been in business, if you wish
  • State that you support WCQS or one of the programs it airs

The FCC asks Public Radio to avoid:

  • The use of comparative, qualitative or suggestive language including awards or ratings
  • Addressing the usefulness, convenience or advantages of the product or service
  • The mention of prices, interest rates, or indications of savings associated with products or services
  • Any use of the first or second person
  • Employing inducements to buy, sell, rent, lease, borrow or loan
  • Any calls to action
  • The advocation of any matter of public interest

WCQS and our listeners are most appreciative of your consideration. All messages are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.