WCQS Spring Fundraiser

Mind The Gap. It originated in the London Underground and has been adopted by transit systems around the world. We’re minding our own gap here at WCQS – a [now] $25,000 gap between the money it takes to bring you Morning Edition, All Things Considered, classical music, our local news, Car Talk and other programs – and the money raised during our spring membership drive.

We know you want more uninterrupted programming and fewer days devoted to the membership drive. But we also know that membership is the single largest source of funding for the service we provide. So, let’s work together to accomplish all of our goals. For every $30,000 contributed by March 31st, our upcoming membership drive will be one day shorter. Let’s raise the money it takes to bring you the programming you count on – in less time.

Every $30,000 means a shorter drive. It can be a nine day drive, or a five day drive – or even a one day drive! The choice is yours.