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Legislative Wrap: Rep. Chuck McGrady

Oct 12, 2015
Jeremy Loeb/WCQS

Now that state lawmakers are home from Raleigh, WCQS is conducting a series of interviews with mountain area legislators.  We start off our series with Representative Chuck McGrady, Republican of Henderson County.  McGrady played a key role in budget negotiations towards the end of the session.  And as the former national president of the environmental group Sierra Club, he also was a major player in various pieces of legis

NC Moves Closer to Industrial Hemp Farming

Oct 5, 2015
lanereport.com (via Vote Hemp)

Before lawmakers left Raleigh last week, they sent to the governor a bill that would move the state closer to industrial hemp farming.  The bill would establish the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission, a 5-member commission, whose members will be appointed by legislators, state Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler and Governor Pat McCrory.  The commission would have to raise $200,ooo privately before establishing a pilot program.  They would also coordinate research with NC State Universi

Asheville Citizen-Times

U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner's decision to resign his seat in Congress may open the door to additional clout for 11th Congressional District Representative Mark Meadows and 10th District Representative Patrick McHenry.  That's the opinion of Political Scientist Bill Sabo.   Professor Sabo spoke with David Hurand.

Legislature Adjourns

Sep 30, 2015

The General Assembly has officially completed this year's work session after more than eight months on the job.  House Speaker Tim Moore and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest gaveled down the session shortly after 4 a.m. once legislators finalized a large "technical corrections" bill.

Asheville Citizen-Times

*Updated 5:00 AM Wednesday*


A bill related to sex education that the House passed last week is expected to be back on the House floor Tuesday afternoon with a slew of provisions designed to pre-empt local ordinances on everything from minimum wage to AirBnB-type rentals to requiring businesses to serve same-sex couples.

Cities, towns and counties would lose the authority to pass certain types of ordinances and policies under legislation added in the final days of the General Assembly session. The changes - which were not part of any other bill this legislative session - were added to an unrelated bill about professional counselors late Monday night.

Tune in Thursday morning at 10 for special coverage from NPR. Pope Francis will make an address to both houses of Congress on Thursday morning – something no other pontiff  has done.  Our coverage  will be hosted by Morning Edition’s Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne.  They will be joined by NPR’s Rome Correspondent, Sylvia Poggioli, who is traveling with the Pope, NPR’s Religion Correspondent Tom Gjelten, and, from Capitol Hill, NPR’s Congressional Correspondents Ailsa Chang and Sue Davis.

Pope Francis is expected to make his address to Congress in English.

Governor Pat McCrory has signed the state’s $21.7 billion budget into law.  After struggling for  months to reach a compromise the house voted 80-35 very late Thursday (9/17)  to pass the new fiscal year budget.  The State Senate adopted the plan Wednesday.  Nearly a dozen house Democrats supported the budget.  Buncombe County Democrat Brian Turner of the 116 District voted no.  Representative Turner told David Hurand he found a couple of key provisions of the budget unacceptable and harmful to the people of his District.

After giving speeches in Georgia and South Carolina over the weekend, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders got on stage in front of a crowd of more than nine thousand people in Greensboro Sunday evening.