Public Service Announcements

WCQS is happy to provide public service announcements to our community. Submission for PSAs, Arts & Performance Calendar and Community Calendar are not accepted on our web site. Please see the following guidelines for submissions.


  • Announcements must be submitted no less than 14 days before the event.
  • Email all PSA info to:
  • Copy will be thirty seconds or less by WCQS announcing standards. Copy will be written so that it best fits the sound of WCQS. Organizations may suggest copy,but WCQS shall have the final approval of all copy.
  • Copy must be factual and not suggest qualitative (better, best, etc.) features that cannot be substantiated, nor can it include a call to action.
  • Pronouns in the second or third person can be used only to the extent that they do not suggest advocacy by or the endorsement of WCQS.
  • Telephone numbers, street addresses and WEB addresses will not be used in PSAs.
  • The subject of the PSA must be of general interest to the public.
  • PSAs must announce activities that are open to the public and may not be for "members only" events.
  • PSAs may announce activities that benefit institutions or organizations, but they may not announce activities that benefit individuals or specific families. An event of public interest that may be a benefit for an individual or a family may be announced but the beneficiary will not be included in the copy.
  • PSAs may not promote partisan political events or activities.
  • WCQS is a publicly funded medium. PSAs will not announce religious or denominational services or messages, i.e. Sunday morning or Wednesday evening worship at a particular church. However, religious groups that hold meetings of general interest that are open to the public or have a speaker, workshop or event of general interest are acceptable activities to air in PSAs.
  • Announcements of regular weekly meetings of established organizations will not be read by itself, but information about program announcements (i.e. the speaker at a regular meeting) are acceptable.
  • Rummage sales, yard sales, bake sales, etc. will not be read unless they are for the benefit of the community at large (i.e. community service projects, national organizations, etc.).
  • WCQS will make the sole and final decision which PSAs will be put into the station’s rotation. Placement of an announcement in the station’s PSA rotation is no guaranty if or how often the announcement will be read.