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A bear that was found walking around Bethesda, Md., has been returned to his natural home. But not before gaining a moment of Internet fame with two fake Twitter accounts created on his behalf.

A little over two years ago, you or somebody you know probably watched "Kony 2012," the YouTube video that redefined what it means to go viral.

The video was made by a small San Diego nonprofit called Invisible Children. It shed light on Joseph Kony, the central African warlord who recruited child soldiers.

Idealism drove hundreds of college students to Mississippi 50 years ago.



President Obama visited the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation yesterday on the border between North and South Dakota. At a celebration honoring Native American veterans, he quoted the tribe's best-known member - Chief Sitting Bull.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: He said, let's put our minds together to see what we can build for our children.


It was a rematch of the 2010 World Cup Final. But the similarity ended there. Netherlands routed the defending champions, Spain, 5-1.

Kings Beat Rangers For Stanley Cup

Jun 14, 2014



This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Scott Simon. Time for sports.


SIMON: BJ Leiderman writes our theme music. And the Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup last night. They're making a habit of this, aren't they? They defeated the New York Rangers in double-overtime. Were joined now by Howard Bryant of espn.com and ESPN the Magazine. Howard, thanks for being with us.

HOWARD BRYANT: Oh. What a day in sports yesterday, Scott. Unbelievable.

Ecuador Fights 'Bad Left' Notoriety

Jun 14, 2014



Hillary Clinton calls for a new approach to Latin America in her new book out this week, and she told NPR that that began with an attempt to try to normalize relations with Cuba so the issue wouldn't get in the way of relations with others.

HILLARY CLINTON: It's really important that we pay more attention to our own hemisphere. And there's some great opportunities that we can pursue if we take a more creative, more collaborative approach to working with the rest of the hemisphere.

The U.S. economy reached a milestone this week: The country finally recovered all the jobs it lost during the Great Recession. But some states still lag behind when it comes to job creation — including New Jersey.

The Garden State's stalled economy may be an even bigger problem for Gov. Chris Christie than the scandal over lane closures at the George Washington Bridge.

When Christie took office in 2010, the state had just lost more than 100,000 jobs. Christie was undaunted. He talked about the "Jersey Comeback" at town hall meetings, on TV and at ground-breaking events.

Tom Rachman has written a book for book lovers in The Rise and Fall of Great Powers. The best-selling novelist talks with NPR's Scott Simon about the difference between reading and literature.