Today on "The State of Things," Meet WNC's Don Pedi

Jun 2, 2014

Dulcimer player and "Close to Home" host Don Pedi

“The State of Things is a program that is about the state of North Carolina,” says Frank Stasio. He’s the host of he State of Things, which is broadcast out of WUNC n Chapel Hill.“It’s about the cultural stories that people tell," Statio says. "It’s about the individuals, it’s about the politics. All of those things add up to a kind of big look at who we are. The people who work and live here."

Stasio says the partnership with WCQS means that the show will be better equipped to tell the stories of people in Western North Carolina.

"This is one of the most diverse states ecologically in the country. It’s also one of the most diverse economies in the country. So we can look from East to West.”

The State of Things has a couple of recurring segments, including one each Monday. "We have something called 'The Meet,' where we meet one individual we sit down with them for an hour and we get their story. And what we’re looking for is someone who has a professional accomplishment but also an interesting back story. We get to know who they are."

The special guest of today’s meet is dulcimer player, traditional music educator, and WCQS host Don Pedi.

You can hear him on the state of things this afternoon from 12 to 1-- right here on WCQS.