Help Shorten The Membership Drive: 3 Days Cut! Let's Go for 4!

Mar 24, 2014

WCQS listeners have already cut 3 Days from the upcoming Membership Drive! Let's make it four!

WCQS listeners have cut THREE DAYS from the upcoming Membership Drive! Let's keep the momentum going and cut four or more!

For every $30,000 raised by March 31st the upcoming Membership Drive will be shortened by a day. It can be a nine day drive, a five day drive or even a one day drive! The choice is yours.

We know you want more uninterrupted programming and fewer days devoted to the membership drive. But we also know that listener support is the single largest source of funding for the service we provide. So let's work together to accomplish all of our goals. Let's raise the money it takes to bring you the paid programming you count on - in less time.

Make your contribution now!

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Mail it to:
WCQS Public Radio
73 Broadway
Asheville, NC 28801

As an extra thank you for helping to shorten on-air fundraising, we'll automatically enter you into any drawings we have during the drive.

You will hear our thanks every day.