Broadway choreographer brings talents back to WNC

Mar 21, 2014

  Broadway Choreographer Chase Brock is bringing his talents back to Western North Carolina.

Brock was born in Hendersonville and went to school in Flat Rock before moving to New York to follow his dream, and now his career has taken him full circle-- back to the very spot where he found his first success.

“I actually made my professional debut as a dancer on the stage at Diana Wortham Theater when I was about 12 years old," Brock said. "It’s the first check I ever received in show business.”

Credit Chase Brock

The Chase Brock Experience is performing two shows this weekend at the very same theater. It’s also where Brock saw David Parsons perform. It was one of the first times he saw modern dance on stage, and he still remembers the exact spot he was sitting in. (It was the last row, up in the balcony.)

As a choreographer, Brock is occupying that vague space between genres-- it’s American, and it’s modern, but it’s not esoteric or derivative.

“I joke that we’re like the gateway drug of modern dance," Brock laughed. "We are the company for whom if you think you don’t like dance or modern dance, or you think modern dance is weird, come see us and you will be changed.”

The first word Brock used to describe this weekend’s show was “fun”-- he says it’s all about balancing high brow and low brow, being classical but poppy, and always colorful and family friendly.