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  Three local choral groups, the Asheville Singers, The UNC-Asheville University Singers and the Reuter Center Singers, will present The Peacemakers, a choral and ensemble work by composer Karl Jenkins on Friday, March 18th at Lipinsky Auditorium. 

Dick Kowal spoke with Susan Richey, a member of the Asheville Singers, and Chuck Taft, conductor of the Reuter Center Singers.

Listen at 1:06 when Daniel Meyer, music director and conductor of the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, joins Dick Kowal to discuss the symphony's upcoming concert.

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Listen Tuesday morning at 10 and again Thursday evening at 8 for a broadcast concert by the Asheville Symphony Orchestra. We'll hear the ASO's February 13th concert, which was presented before a sold-out  audience in Thomas Wolfe Auditorium.

The concert features Mendelssohn's "The Hebrides" Overture and Metamorphosen for 23 solo strings by Richard Strauss, a very late work of his, dating from 1945. Bella Hristova gives a spellbinding performance of Beethoven's only violin concerto in the second half of the program.

Listen Friday afternoon at 2 for another live performance from our studios. Dick Kowal will be joined in the studio by Up Jumped Three jazz trio. They have a new recording out, Eleven Dialogues. We'll hear some music from the CD, and find out why the group is a drummer-less jazz trio.

That's Up Jumped Three, Friday @2,  here on WCQS.


La Bombarde!

Feb 24, 2016

Listen this afternoon at 1:06 when Dick Kowal speaks with Rosalind Buda about the upcoming program La Bombarde! Concert of bombarde, bassoon and organ, presented by Pan Harmonia.

Our guests for the next Friday@2 will be The Three Davids; David Holt, David LaMotte, and David Wilcox.

  Each David well-known in his own right, The Three Davids will bring us their unique blend of styles in live performance from our studios.

The Three Davids perform at Asheville’s Diana Wortham Theatre on February 20th.

The Asheville Symphony announced Tuesday that Music Director and Conductor Daniel Meyer will conclude his tenure with the ASO following the 2017-18 season.

In 2015, Meyer signed a contract extension, which includes conducting a full 2016-17 season and a reduced schedule in 2017-18.

Listen Friday afternoon at 2 for another live performance from our studios, this time by The HotPoint Trio. January 23rd marked  the 106th anniversary of the birth of the legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. On Saturday evening, musicians from around Western North Carolina and beyond will gather at the Grey Eagle to pay tribute to this influential musician.  The HotPoint Trio will give us a preview and, along with coordinator and guitarist Jon Corbin, help us understand the importance of Django Reinhardt.

Join us at 2 Friday for the HotPoint Trio live from our studios.

Sandlin Gaither

Listen this afternoon at 2 when Free Planet Radio performs live in our studios. This trio of Asheville-based musicians, each with a deep background in a wide variety of musical styles, will bring us their blend of world, jazz, and classical music and give us a preview of their upcoming concert at the Altamont Theatre. 


Happy Birthday Wolfgang!

Jan 27, 2016

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born January 27, 1756. Tune in today to help us celebrate his birthday. We'll be playing a variety of works dating from his earliest years to his last. We'll even include some compositions by his first teacher, his father, Leopold Mozart.