Our Audience

A Dynamic Audience

Each week, WCQS reaches approximately 80,000 highly engaged listeners, the second largest audience in Asheville Metro area, including all public and commercial formats.

WCQS attracts loyal listeners and supporters from all walks of life. They are highly educated, culturally passionate and concerned with the issues facing their community and the world at large. They are 3.6 times more likely than the average American to have completed graduate school.

  • Well-Educated
    70% are college grads
    36% have an advanced degree
  • Affluent and Influential
    Median Household income is $92,700
    23% donated to Arts, Cultural Organization in last year
    71% have voted in Federal, State or Local elections
    94% have participated in community activities
  • Professional
    27% work in upper management
    31% work in professional or related careers
  • Gender and Age
    46% male and 54% Female
    15-34, Millennials = 17%
    35-39, Generation X = 20%
    50-65, Baby Boomers = 27%
    65+, Late Boomer = 36%

Public Radio Prized as an Oasis from Commercialism

Listeners See Public Radio as Non-Commercial and Distinct from Other Radio

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WCQS is unique in its ability to deliver an audience that actually appreciates the companies that sponsor our station. A company's association with public radio builds positive brand perceptions and increases credibility. Our listeners commonly describe sponsors as low-key, community-focused, forward-leaning and kindred spirits.

  • 59% of listeners surveyed believe companies that sponsor programs on public radio are more credible than those that advertise on commercial radio - Building Brand Loyalty and Trust*
  • 80% of NPR listeners prefer to buy products and services from companies that support public radio, when price and quality are equal - Cultivating Clients and Consumers*
  • 88% of public radio listeners hold a more positive opinion of a company when they learn it supports public radio - Increasing Corporate Citizenship*
  • 95% of public radio listeners have taken a direct action as a result of sponsorship, acting on their preference to do business with partners of their station - Delivering an excellent ROI*

*Source: NPR/Jacobs Media