Duke Energy officials say planning continues for three new electricity substations to supply power to a growing downtown Asheville. 

The utility hasn't added a new substation for the area since the 1970s.  The utility has bought three parcels of land in and around downtown.  One of the proposed substations is on property next to a city school.  A group of parents of children at Isaac Dickson Elementary is concerned about the health and safety of their children and is urging the utility to reconsider the site.

Leaders at Camp Lejeune and the military are reacting to sea-level rise not because it’s politically prudent to do so. They have a mission, and that means dealing with the conditions on the ground.

Just before Josh Jourdan was deployed for active duty, we learned that Dick Kowal and WCQS were being awarded a special commendation. The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, an extension of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, recognized Dick Kowal and WCQS as a Patriotic Employer for contributing to national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in America's National Guard and Reserve force.

Representative Brian Turner says he's optimistic the General Assembly will approve an increase in the occupancy tax which stands at 4%.  The General Assembly approved  local occupancy taxes more than thirty years ago.

As you stroll out toward the end of the Rodanthe Fishing Pier, it is impossible not to notice that it’s not entirely straight. It goes a little bit up. It goes a little bit down. The pier jogs a little to the right and left in different places. A few boards are loose, too, and it’s mighty windy. In other words, it’s not perfect, but for Terry Plumblee, being here is a lifelong dream come true.

The North Carolina Association of Educators is hailing a State Court of Appeals ruling that protects the career status of veteran teachers.  The Appeals Court opinion affirms a lower court ruling made last summer. While teachers are pleased with the 2-1 court decision, House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger say they are reviewing the decision and considering their options.

North Carolina's governor says he'll sign a bill that would make the state one of several with a 72-hour waiting period for abortions.

The state House gave final approval to the bill Wednesday, sending it to Republican Gov. Pat McCrory's desk.

McCrory issued a statement several hours later saying that he's pleased with how the bill developed in the legislature over the past few days.

The bill adds other rules for doctors and clinics that perform abortions and includes several unrelated criminal justice measures.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head is North Carolina’s most famous giant pile of sand—and the tallest natural sand dune in the eastern United States. But here’s a little secret: Even a remarkable all-natural phenomenon like Jockey’s Ridge needs a little man-made help.

The General Assembly has cancelled Gov. Pat McCrory's veto of a bill that gives North Carolina employers legal recourse against people who deliberately get jobs to steal company secrets or record purported problems on factory lines.

The Senate and House separately voted Wednesday to override the veto. It means the bill will be enacted into law despite his objections. The margin in each chamber was above the three-fifths majority required for an override.

North Carolina’s most recent Sea-Level Rise Report is the product of decades of tidal gauge data, computer modeling and hundreds of years of collected scientific expertise. But Jon Britt doesn’t need all that to tell him the water’s getting higher. He just needs to look out his back door.