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Nov 8, 2016



Election Day Is Here - What You Need To Know

Nov 8, 2016
North Carolina Board of Elections

It's the day we've been building toward for almost two years.

Need to find your polling place?  Click here.

The Aspen String Trio performs in the next concert presented by the Asheville Chamber Music Series Friday evening at 8 at Asheville's Unitarian Universalist Congregation. The trio will play J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations, a monumental work for solo keyboard, in an arrangement for string trio by violinist and conductor Dmitri Sitkovetsky. They will also perform Richard Strauss' Variations on a Bavarian Folksong, and Beethoven's String Trio in G, op.9#1.

Courtesy of John Moriarty

With election day almost upon us, both campaigns are making a final push to rally support in North Carolina.  Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea made a return visit to Asheville on Saturday.  If you’re going to come to Asheville, it’s appropriate to stop at a brewery.  Chelsea Clinton was in Asheville in late September for a visit to the climate change center The Collider.  This time, she visited Twin Leaf Brewery at South Slope downtown.  Just like the last event, she spoke for a short time to rally support for her mom, before taking questions.  The first question was about student loans

WCQS 2016 Election Special

Nov 4, 2016
Matt Bush WCQS

We may never see another election like 2016.  That's especially true in North Carolina.  The state could end up deciding the presidential election, but also which party ends up in the majority in the U.S. Senate.  There's also the governor's race, one of the most watched and spent on in the country this year.  After all those high profile elections, voters still must decide local races for seats in the General Assembly and County commissioners.  

The WCQS news team set out to create a snap shot of what this election has been like in western North Carolina.  Enjoy!  


The political science taught in textbooks has always been a bit removed from the politics practiced in the real world.

But this year’s out-of-the-ordinary presidential election has presented a particular challenge for teachers who are trying to square lessons with the 2016 campaign as it’s unfolded.

WCQS's Helen Chickering has been spending time in the classroom in Henderson County, where students have been learning about the election process.


This story originally aired as part of the 2016 WCQS Election Special which can be heard in its entirety here.  

With hundreds of millions of dollars being spent by campaigns during this year’s election, hot button issues like trustworthiness, tax returns, transparency and temperament are all being discussed by the candidates—but there are numerous other political matters that voters in Western North Carolina feel are also being ignored—from the bottom of the ballot to the top.

Matt Bush WCQS

This story originally aired as part of the WCQS 2016 Election Special, which can be heard in its entirety here.

It's safe to say this has been an election year and an election cycle like no other before it.  And that is particularly true in North Carolina, which has become one of if the not the bell weather state in this election…so move over Ohio. 

Asheville Bonds - What Would They Pay For?

Nov 3, 2016
Matt Bush WCQS

This story first appeared as part of the WCQS 2016 Election Special which can be heard in its entirety here.

Jeremy Loeb/WCQS

This story originally aired as part the 2016 WCQS Election Special which can be heard in its entirety here.  

This election has seemed to go on for ages, and election fatigue is a very real thing.  But if you think you’re tired, think about the people working the campaign.  From the campaign workers themselves to the volunteers, there are a lot of people doing a lot of work this election.

The Asheville Symphony Chorus will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a concert titled "From Bach to Bernstein," Saturday evening, November 12th at Arden Presbyterian Church. Chorus director Michael Lancaster talks with Dick Kowal about the program and the difficulties of choosing the best from 25 years of concerts.

Democratic Georgia Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis is in Charlotte today trying to rally voters to the polls.  He'll lead a march he says reminds him of marches he lead in Alabama in the 1960s.  Lewis' visit comes as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tries to gin up enthusiasm during North Carolina's early voting period, which ends Saturday.  Turnout numbers among black voters are down from where they were this time 4 years ago.  He spoke with WCQS's Jeremy Loeb about those concerns, and about the ongoing legal battle over voting rights in North Carolina.

News & Observer of Raleigh

With early voting wrapping up on Saturday in North Carolina, both presidential campaigns are targeting the state in a big way.  Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be in the state today:  Donald Trump for rallies in Concord and Selma.  Hillary Clinton in Raleigh.  But the edge goes to Clinton in terms of big-name surrogates.  She’ll be joined onstage today by Senator Bernie Sanders.  Chelsea Clinton is scheduled for a get out the vote rally in Asheville on Saturday.  And yesterday, President Barack Obama tried to push Democrats to the polls in Chapel Hill, acknowledging some of the

News & Observer of Raleigh

President Barack Obama was in Chapel Hill yesterday rallying support for Hillary Clinton.  He also was rallying support for Democratic Senate hopeful Deborah Ross and blasted her opponent, Republican Senator Richard Burr for several controversial remarks he made in audio that was leaked to CNN.