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It’s summertime in the mountains, and along with high temperatures, the season has also brought drought conditions to the region. 

Believe it or not, Western North Carolina is experiencing a drought at the moment, despite the heavy rains and powerful storms that have passed through in recent weeks—its impact is being felt throughout many mountain communities.

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Logan Wallace is a Hillary Clinton supporter and a delegate representing western North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week.  The 22-year-old Franklin native is a lifelong Democrat who's been very active in local politics in Macon County.  Now he's attending his first presidential convention.  Wallace told me he got behind Clinton because of her experience and track record of getting things done.  He said that polls showing many voters find Clinton untrustworthy is largely a product of negative coverage by the media.  But he says once voters get a chance

Former NC Supreme Court Associate Justice and Republican Robert Orr of western North Carolina doubled down on his criticisms of Donald Trump after earlier comments angered NC GOP leaders.  In an extensive interview with WCQS, Orr called the Republican presidential nominee "dangerous" and "unqualified to be president," echoing his earlier remarks to reporters that led to him leaving the Republican National Convention early.


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In her commentary this week, Alison Arnold talks about some more ways to deal with drought conditions.

A new biennial analysis from Dr.

Matt Bush will lead WCQS’ news department as its next News Director. WCQS General Manager David Feingold said the timing couldn’t be better, “Matt joins us at a very exciting time. We’re launching a second broadcast service with an all-news format and we’re expanding our local news department. He’s an accomplished journalist with great curiosity and story-telling skills. Matt is prepared to take our news department to the next level.”

NC Child

A new study from NC Child finds North Carolina's slowed progress in combating infant mortality could be a result of a lack of insurance for women.  One in five women across the state lack health insurance, a problem exacerbated by the so-called "Medicaid gap."  That's the coverage gap people fall into who make too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough for tax credits on the Affordable Care Act

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Republicans are gathering in Cleveland to formally nominate Donald Trump for President.  The Republican National Convention begins Monday with four days of made-for-television speeches and events.  Political observers are watching closely to see whether or not the GOP will coalesce around Trump or not. 

Mo Wants to Know

Jul 14, 2016
Helen Chickering

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation is in Asheville as part of a statewide listening tour.  The Winston-Salem based foundation has invested in statewide, regional and community-based organizations since 1936.  The foundation's new Executive Director, Maurice "Mo" Green sat down for a conversation with WCQS's Helen Chickering.

In her commentary this week, WCQS gardening expert Alison Arnold tells us what the impact of drought is on gardens and plant life.    

Mark Wilson, Associated Press

Opioid abuse is on the rise throughout the nation, and North Carolina is no exception. But with its rise in use among addicts, it’s also put a greater burden on law enforcement—at both the local and federal levels.

“It seems to be that there’s a lot of availability of it, and I think a lot of people were at some point doing prescription painkillers they end up not being able to get those and they use heroin which is also an opiate to deal with their addiction issues.”

North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

Ask any addict and they’ll tell you, coming off of opiates can be a hellish ordeal.

“Opiate withdrawal is the most painful experience I’ve ever had in my life.”

“Imagine the flu a thousand times worse.”

“Bone marrow throbbing inside of the bones.”

And if you ask them what an opiate high is like?

“A warm hug from God. It’s just like you’re floating in a sea of… Awesome.”

“Peaceful and serene.”

“A warm, fuzzy blanket that coats your whole body.”

Open Air Brevard 2016

Jul 12, 2016

  It's an all-Russian program on the next Open Air Brevard, with Stravinsky's ground-breaking score for The Rite of Spring paired with Tchaikovsky's beloved Piano Concerto No. 1 featuring soloist Joyce Yang.

Listen Wednesday morning at 10 for Open Air Brevard, music recorded in concert at the Brevard Music Center.

  Local favorite World super- group Free Planet Radio with special guest the Opal String Quartet performs at the Altamont Theatre in Asheville on Saturday, July 16th.  Members of the group will join Dick Kowal Tuesday at 1pm to talk about their global sounds and unique musical fusions. Their current recording is Global Symphony Project.