EEO Public File


Western North Carolina Public Radio, Inc. (the licensee of WCQS, WFQS and WYQS) has a formal non-discrimination policy, manifested by the following Article in its bylaws: "The Corporation shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, ethnic or national affiliation, disability or sexual preference".

All recruiting efforts for vacant positions include special attempts to attract diverse pools of qualified candidates, including the distribution of job vacancy notices to numerous organizations that serve women and minorities.

The FCC requires that this Annual EEO Public File Report is placed here on our website and in our station public file. It contains information regarding full-time positions hired during the previous year. We list our recruitment sources and a description of our supplemental outreach initiatives implemented during the reporting period. We also encourage any organization wishing to receive future notices about WCQS job vacancies to contact the General Manager & CEO David Feingold at and you will be placed on our distribution list for future Position Vacancy Announcements.

Western North Carolina Public Radio, Inc.

Period covered by this report (“Period”): August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2014.  Call signs of stations comprising the reporting Station Employment Unit: WCQS (FM), Asheville, NC, WFQS (FM), Franklin, NC, WMQS (FM), Murphy, NC and WYQS (FM), Mars Hill, NC. During the reporting period there were 12 full-time persons employed by the station.

I. Full-time vacancies during period

  • 2 - Underwriting / Corporate Support Representatives

II. Each recruitment or referral source (“Source”) used to seek candidates for each vacancy.

Underwriting/Corporate Support Representatives Search 2014
EEO Data / Places posted and where interviewees heard about the position

     Asheville Citizen-Times /
     Sam Nugent
     Sales Consultant
     Citizen Times |
     (866) 782-6914 | Toll-free

WCQS–on-line and on-air announcements  
     Barbara Sayer,, 828-210-4800
     73 Broadway St. Asheville, NC 28801

Total number of persons interviewed for all full-time vacancies during period:

Total number of persons interviewed for all full-time vacancies during period:

  • 1st round – 8 people were interviewed by phone by Director of Underwriting
  • 2nd round – 3 people were interviewed by phone by President, Program Director, Membership Director and Director of Underwriting
  • 3rd round – 3 final candidates were interviewed and with one being offered the position by the Director of Underwriting.
  • Candidate #1 – On-Air Announcement
  • Candidate #2 – On-Air Announcement
  • Candidate #3 – On-Air Announcement
  • Candidate #4 – Career Builder
  • Candidate #5 – On-Air Announceent
  • Candidate #6 – On-Air Announcement

A second position came open within 90 days we hired from the same pool of candidates.
Underwriting/Corporate Support Representative hired on 02/25/14 and 05/15/14

III. Total number of interviewees for all full-time vacancies during period per source:


     No source requested that they be notified of full-time job openings.

IV. Outreach Activities during period

  • Maintained an internship and volunteer program at the stations.
  • Interns are individuals who are willing to commit to a significant amount of time over a defined period to volunteer their services to the stations in exchange for on the job training and experience in radio.       
  • 1 Interns over the course of the period
  • Volunteers are individuals who donate their time and services to the stations in exchange for on the job training and experience, or to help the stations fulfill their mission.  Volunteer commitments are both on going and occasional.  Volunteers are not paid.
  • 48 volunteers donating more than 1,000 hours of service during the period
  • Offered training opportunities to employees to enable them to increase their skills, improve their job performance and/or prepare them for higher-level positions.
  • Employees are encouraged to participate in professional development activities designed to teach new skills that make it possible for them to their job better, grow in their position and/or acquire skills that prepare them for higher level positions within the organization.  Employees participated in conferences, seminars and webinars under this program.
  • Program Director & President, Public Radio Program Directors Conference, September 2013
  • Program Director – 3 webinars given by the Public Radio Program Directors Association
  • Underwriting Director, Underwriting Associate – 5 webinars given by Greater Public, Inc.
  • Membership Director, Membership Associate - 9 webinars given by Greater Public, Inc.; 3 webinars given by The Grant Center
  • President – CPB/Development Exchange, Inc. Leadership for Philanthropy Program – Jan 2014 – current.

V. Miscellaneous
Made tours available for student and community groups to learn about radio and career opportunities in the field.