Community Forum

The WCQS Community Forum is a volunteer group that provides community input to WCQS about programming and public service. The 40 members of the Community Forum represent different professions, geographic regions, and individual needs and interests of the listeners and the communities WCQS serves.

The WCQS Community Forum is an advisory body, which is not involved in WCQS's daily management or operations. Meeting biannually in half-day sessions, the Community Forum members learn about public radio, meet WCQS staff members, and have regular communication with the station about programs and public service. Members also serve as ambassadors to their communities.

The Community Forum is governed by a steering committee, responsible for basic organizational matters. The steering committee comprises a member of WCQS's Board of Directors, two members of WCQS's Community Forum and one member of station management.

If you believe you would make a good Community Forum member, please complete the online application form by clicking Community Forum Application. You may contact WCQS about the Community Forum by emailing or calling WCQS at 210-4800.


Tuesday, April 5th, from 11:30 am – 1 pm  Waynesville . The Community Forum is an advisory group for WCQS. Members representing communities across our region were chosen  from a large pool of applicants.

The public is invited to attend and observe.